A day in the office

Posted in New Outfits on September 20, 2013 by lavababii

This lovely pinstripe lady’s suit looks quite serious and strict, but also comes with a lovely sheer blouse supporting naughty office or other role play. The steel-blue tone of the revers, the skirt waistband and the blouse gives it a cool vibe.



It comes with a mesh blazer/jacket, a mesh skirt, sheer blouse and bra. Enjoy!


Support for Lolas Tango implants

Posted in New Outfits on March 11, 2013 by lavababii

I’ve been asked to also provide add-ons for my outfits to support implants, and I have tested quite a few. But usually adapting my textures to these implant prims was a pain, and it never looked really good. But recently I found the rather new implants from Lolas, and although they’re not perfect, they look good, and making appliers is quite straight forward.

Lolas Tango implants are available in the Lolas shop (it’s not my shop): http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lolas/148/73/38

So now the first Lolas Tango “appliers” for L&G outfits are out:



I’ll continue to provide appliers for my designs. However, it’s not easy for sheer outfits, and I only publish appliers if I can ensure good quality. My applier packages also contain modified tops where the cleavage part is transparent. With the original tops you may see both the applier and the clothes texture, which looks a little awkward.


2 lovely new sensual tattoed outfits

Posted in New Outfits on January 26, 2013 by lavababii

After a long time, I have released 2 new outfits which both come with a nice full body tattoo. MEL has alternative top variations (one with a pulled down upper part), and ORNELLA comes with a great black stole and a set of fanstasic latex boots (made by Unlikely). Enjoy!



Decent skirt outfits in Second Life

Posted in New Outfits on July 22, 2012 by lavababii

I often get requests to create more skirt outfits for L&G. When I started making clothes for Second Life, I played around with the clothes type which Linden Labs call “skirt”, which is a mess. It never fits any avatar, has an ugly shape, and makes all efforts on texturing an annoying waste of time. Using prim based skirts were an alternative, but let’s be honest: You won’t get on the cover of the Vogue magazine with a flexi prim skirt. (/me smiles)

Then we got sculpties, and skirts became nicer looking – as long as you don’t try to wear them. It’s almost impossible to make a long, decent looking skirt out of these static sculptie prims.

And now we have mesh objects to create flexible 3D objects which adapt to avatar movement, and some of them look very nice. Of course there is a price for mesh skirts: You have wear transparency layers to hide the body parts that peek out of your outfit, and these cause brand new issues. Sometimes it seems that Linden Labs replaces one evil by another.

However, I’ve created 2 new outfits using skirt templates by other designers who are much more talented with prims than I am.

One is a complete revision of the ZYMONA NOIR outfit, which contains a mesh skirt. Actually my first outfit with mesh parts. I hesitated a long time to sell mesh parts, because many people still use older vievers, and the mesh stuff can only be seen with compatible new vievers.

The other one is the new SOPHIE combination which comes with very sheer version of my famous Valentina halter top:

Both are available in the L&G Skyshop and on Second Life Marketplace.


Steamy Gaga Lingerie

Posted in New Outfits on September 18, 2011 by lavababii

The Gaga outfit is a sweet, ultra-slinky latex lingerie with an underbust bra top and unzipped bottoms. It comes with a full body tribal tattoo, and black long latex gloves. Enjoy!

Update March 13 2012: The Gaga latex lingerie set is also available in white:

Both available on

Ready for the contest?

Posted in Single pieces on August 19, 2011 by lavababii

I have just created a simple white halter shirt with a special transparent “wet t-shirt” look. Funny, isn’t it? Enjoy!

Update Mar 11 2012: Until now, I’ve sold 2000+ pieces of the ANGELINA fun shirt, never would have expected that! So I guess it’s time for variation…

Available on SL marketplace:

The Color of Snow

Posted in Letters on June 15, 2011 by lavababii

Dear customers,

you’d like to see one of my outfits in a different color? Usually I don’t prepare my designs in dozens of colors, and actually I don’t even like shops where you can find the same outift over and over with just another tint. But if you think one of my outfits should be available in your color, just let me know! Mail me at lavababii@gmail.com, or use in-world communication.

I have just released my MITSU female samurai outfit in red upon customer request, as well as a red version of the ELLEN G. vinyl back-free dress.

However, please also note that SL has simplified color schemes, and especially white or other very bright colors are sometimes hard to do. I will only pzblish color variations if they’re really looking good.